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About Us

Graha Aliyah mampu memenuhi kebutuhan anda akan penggunaan virtual office dengan berbagai paket terjangkaunya beserta fasilitas dan pelayan yang selalu kami usahakan sebaik mungkin demi perkembangan bisnis anda.

Virtual Office

Kami menawarkan paket menarik virtual office dengan variasi harga:


Rp3Jt per year
  • Alamat Surat
  • Notifikasi


Rp5Jt per year
  • Alamat Kantor
  • Sharing No. Telp
  • Notifikasi
  • (Akses) PKP
  • Izin Lokasi


Rp7Jt per year
  • Alamat Kantor
  • Sharing No. Telp
  • Notifikasi
  • Ruang Meeting (2 Jam)
  • Ruang Adm (2 Jam)
  • (Akses) PKP + PTSP
  • Izin Lokasi


Rp9Jt per year
  • Alamat Kantor
  • Sharing No. Telp
  • Notifikasi
  • Plang Nama
  • Ruang Meeting (3 Jam)
  • Ruang Adm (3 Jam)
  • Izin Lokasi

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All our member are entitled for:

Free WiFi

Enjoy Free top speed Wifi anytime you want.

Free coffee and Tea

Free coffee and tea during working time.

Friendly Staff

Provided friendly and welcome staff.

Top Equipment

Meeting room equipment ready to use.

Additional Service

As part of our focus we provide the following additional services with special price:

Company Legality

We're provide support for the company legality.

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PKP activation

We're provide support for PKP activation.

Read More

Financial Consultant

We're provide support for financial consultant.

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Website Development

We're provide support for website development.

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